Kephar Trucking: The World of Quality Service!


Kephart Trucking, which was founded fifty-three years ago, is a family company that has been managed by the Kephart family for three generations.  Loris Kephart, who is the main creator of this company, started the business transporting clay and coal for production. Since its beginnings, the company experimented such a great permanent growth that, in the 80Ââ€Ã¢„¢s, they were relying on more than 40 trucks operating every day. Around 1985, they got introduced in the waste industry. This is the reason why today, waste is the main product that they are transporting. The services of freight and municipal waste are offered in the northeastern areas of the country.  

These days, Kephart Trucking boasts more than 375 trucks, and their operations can be categorized in three main divisions, which are Flatbed, Dump and Walking Floor. With regards to their fleet management, it is remarkable to say that since they are really concerned about offering the highest quality service to their customers, this facility is staffed every day, all day long, in order to ensure that your freight will be delivered as scheduled.

Kephart Trucking is regularly seeking for dedicated and professional people in the areas of driving, subcontracting, administration and maintenance. They make an extremely broad list of benefits available for their qualified staff. Among those benefits, Kephart employees may find weekly pay by direct deposit, life insurance, medical insurance, which includes the family of the employee, 401K retirement plan, disability insurance, paid vacation and six paid holidays. Furthermore, they include the safety program among their priorities. They pay special attention to the fact that their employees need to be completely out of danger. Due to this, they really comply with every regulation and law that has to do with security, no matter if they are dealing with federal o local parameters. Now that you know a bit more about Kephart you are able to discover the reasons why they are such an important company in their industry.