Saia: Growing and Succeeding!


Saia is one of the biggest companies in the United States.  They rely on really great revenue that exceeds $585 million per year. These days, they serve the southwest, Midwest, south, Pacific Northwest and western areas of the country.  However, their services are not circumscribed to the U.S. In other North American regions their services are also offered by partner coverage, including Mexico, Puerto Rico and Canada. This company confers citizens of 30 states the opportunity of being directly covered. In addition, they also make 128 terminal locations available in order to ensure a high-quality service to every single customer. The fact that they rely on more than 5,800 employees and over 10,000 pieces of equipment, definitely, explains why this is such a successful organization. 

In recent times, Clark Bros., which is a Midwestern LTL carrier that operated around 10 states with a 600 employee-staff, became part of Saia. This provoked the expansion of their service coverage. Now, and due to this reason, they serve major markets such as Minneapolis, Kansas City, Chicago and St. Louis. Their business offices are found in Boise, ID and Houma, LA. Saia headquarters are situated in Duluth, GA. Furthermore, the fact that the fleet that they maintain is enormous is remarkable. Over 8,200 and 2,500 trailers and tractors, respectively, make up this comprehensive fleet. They claim that their resources constitute the place where their success lies on.     

Nevertheless, their employees play an extremely important role in matching their commitments. For this matter, they are really focused on conferring a wide-ranging variety of benefits. When individuals are part of the staff at Saia, they enjoy advantageous features including dental insurance, prescription card, short term and long tern disability, paid holidays, vacation, optional benefits, health insurance, vision insurance, 401k plan, life insurance, employee stock purchase plan and credit union, among others. So, it is completely impossible for a company where the staff is provided with the best resources, customer satisfaction is guaranteed and the equipment is at the cutting-edge of technology not to be significantly successful. Saia is the concrete example of a company of this kind.