Gardner Trucking Inc: Growing Every Single Day!


Gardner Trucking Inc. is a family-owned company that was created at the end of the 70Ââ€Ã¢„¢s by Lanting Hay, who was a hay supplier. In spite of the fact that his business began in small dimensions, today, Gardner Trucking Inc serves 11 western regions of the United States. Nonetheless, their services are not limited to the U.S. They also deal with international services in order to serve their customers, not only cost effectively, but also efficiently. They rely on a very comprehensive fleet. Dry vans, curtain vans, flatbeds, roller vans, double curtain vans and double flatbeds make up all their equipment. In this sense, Gardner Trucking Inc is really concerned about how secure the products of their clients are, and in order to achieve this goal, they have taken all the necessary measures. The broad amount of services offered by Gardner involves dedicated and full-service logistics and line haul.

Their terminal and main office is situated in Chino, California, a place that is only 35 miles away from Los Angeles downtown. Nevertheless, they also rely on a second terminal located linking Stockton, San Francisco and Sacramento. If you believe that these two terminals are the only facilities that Gardner boasted you are on the wrong track. 21 dedicated fleets are also being operated at a range of customer location in different places, including southern and northern California. They are absolutely sure that their customer expectations are going to be satisfied and exceeded due to the high-quality service that they offer. This great service comprises committed and qualified drivers, modern equipment and terminals that are strategically situated. Putting all this together makes it all possible.

In order to become an employee at Gardner Trucking Inc, individuals must be 25 years old as a minimum, have two years of experience and a commercial class A license. In addition, they must be able to travel to the areas of Phoenix, Las Vegas, the Bay Area and Arizona. As they consider that their workforce is much more than a simple employee, they confer them great opportunities to achieve all their goals in all senses. Because of the wide-ranging diversity of advantageous features that are provided by Gardner Trucking Inc, they are considered one of the greatest companies in the field in which they develop.