C R England Inc. – driven to succeed!

By: Bubbajunk.com

C.R. England, one of the most respected names in the transportation industry, offers valuable services to trucking companies through England Carrier Services. This division permits participating carriers to concentrate on the core operations of their businesses by providing many of the essential services necessary to operate in the industry. With over 85 years of trucking experience under their belt, they understand the requirements of trucking companies and deliver the service that helps customers get onto the road to success.
CR England Trucking is dedicated to meet all of possible trucking and shipping needs, with over 2,600 trucks and 4,000 refrigerated trailers The seed for this venture germinated in 1920 when Chester bought his first Model T truck with the idea of providing farm to market service for the farmers in Weber County and Cache Valley and since then has expanded to a network of services serving the United States, Mexico, and Canada.
The company has 6 nation wide truck driving schools. If you are inexperienced, these schools train you to navigate the High Pay Highway successfully by providing hands-on experience in the transportation industry. No money down, no credit requirements, and no cosigner are needed to join this training school. They are currently hiring both experienced and freshers as drivers so interested individuals are welcome to sign up with this company that cares for its drivers by giving them incomparable benefits. To name a few: top mileage pay (loaded or empty), graduated pay scale -- experienced drivers earn higher base pay, among the highest miles per unit, Mileage bonus, Safety bonus, Fuel savings bonus, Awards for safe driving, Loading and unloading pay, Layover compensation, Personal driver manager, Liberal family rider policy, Health and life insurance, Vacation pay, Retirement plan 401k w/company participation.
Truck drivers have always been at the core of C.R. England, Inc.'s success and they make no bones about it. In fact, with professional truck drivers in management, the company claims to have expanded into an ethically and efficiently managed business house that  supports and rewards its employees, making it one of the industry leaders in safe, on-time transportation.