Contract Freighters Inc


Contract Freighters, Inc. (CFI) has evolved into North America's premier truckload carrier by providing the safest, most dependable transportation services available. CFI has built the reputation as an industry leader by providing customers with consistent and reliable service. CFI is fully committed to world-class quality service and support. CFI's immaculate on-time and damage-free delivery statistics are unmatched in the industry.
Since the past fifty years CFI has gone from two tractors and trailers to an international air ride fleet including around 2,000 tractors and 7,000 trailers. It delivers customer freight across all regions of the US, Mexico, and Canada.
CFI provides reliable Just-In-time (JIT) systems and procedures, rolling ETA that continuously monitors on time status, GPS digital communications system, instant access to freight location and scheduling, a safety record of almost 100% damage free delivery, and a 100% air ride fleet that protects maximum freight. In addition, CFI provides many terminal and drop yard locations. The CFI team is on call 24x7 to deliver freight on time.
CFI offers equipment availability option. This service allows locating available trucks quickly and hassle-free. CFI View Paperwork system allows to view delivery receipts, bills of lading, shipping orders, etc. for any load shipped with CFI. The CFI Load Tracking system provides with the latest report on the status of any load currently or previously shipped with CFI. CFI Load Booking system allows booking a load with CFI quickly and easily. The CFI Pricing Request system provides with a quick and efficient way to access CFI rates.
In 1995, CFI was the first carrier to be ISO 9002 certified. CFI is constantly enhancing standard of quality. CFIÂâ€Ã¢„¢s commitment to improvement has earned the status of ISO 9001 and the quality policy is in customers realize maximum value when their products are picked up and delivered to the correct destinations on time and damage free. CFI continuously strive to remain at the top of the industry by investing in technology, equipment, and people. CFI also provides online services.
CFI provides a premium on-time service and maintain an environment for continuous improvement. CFI trains and retrains personnel, improves working conditions, upgrades equipment and also scrutinizes the processes to have efficient people.