CRST Van Expedited Inc. - Combining experience with excellence!


CRST Malone is one of the oldest truckload carriers in the industry, having served the flatbed marketplace since 1928. Founding principals were of providing superior customer service, along with the challenging pursuit of maximizing the success of its independent contractors and terminals.
Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, CRST Malone is the largest flatbed organization in the nation under one roof, with a fleet over 1600 trucks and operating over 100 field offices throughout the neighboring United States and Canada. This vast road network capability allows CRST Malone to provide all levels of flatbed services. The management and administrative staff at CRST Malone are one of the most well established in the industry, with an average tenure of 15 years. So, they combine experience with dedication and knowledge which makes them efficient and customer focused, which stays a constant.
The Services they offer are with a commitment to quality and cover various needs. The Longhaul Service is extended throughout the US. The company takes care of coast to coast speed delivery, specific delivery through appointment or even the routine of regular transit with equal professionalism. LTL services are also covered. CRST Malone specializes in partial shipments. With over 100 offices, it has the expertise and logistical ability to coordinate partial shipments and the fleet of over 1700 trucks ensures high probability of procuring the space when you need it, by simply calling the central customer service office in Birmingham or one of the field offices.
Regional Service is also provided. CRST Malone offers sector specific services from its 38 offices in 24 states, bringing them closer to potential customer base. As a result, transportation costs are reduced while providing more responsive service.
CRST also has the additional benefit of (EDI) Electronic Data: the ability to participate in all forms of data transmission, from booking orders to paying freight bills. The company also has a specialized imaging system which allows for access of all documents pertaining to the load via computer, including proof of delivery that can be faxed or e-mailed to the customer, if needed. Load Tracking and Tracing can also be covered from the web page through the loading number or CRST Malone pro number.
Trucking being is an ever-changing industry and success only achievable by being flexible and changing with the times; this has been recognized and practiced by CRST which has further brought them close to realizing enviable high levels of profitability and innovation