Illinois Power


In December 1997, Union Electric and CIPSCO Incorporated, parent of Central Illinois Public Service Company merged and created Ameren Corporation and its principal operating companies; Ameren UE and Ameren CIPS.
In 2003, Ameren Corporation grew by getting hold of CILCORP Inc., parent company of Central Illinois Light Company (CILCO). The following year the company grew again when it got hold of Illinois Power Company, which is now known as Ameren IP. Together, these companies claim more than a century of excellence in delivering low-cost and reliable service that is well below the national average.
Together, Ameren and its subsidiaries are proud of their tradition of service and proud to serve their 2.3 million electric and 900,000 natural gas customers in various Illinois and other part of US.
CILCO, the group's principal activity is to generate, transmit, distribute, and market electric energy. The group also purchases, distributes, transmits, and markets natural gas.
The group supplies electric energy in an area of over 3,500 square miles and natural gas in an area of approximately 4,000 square miles. The group offers electric energy and natural gas for industrial, commercial, and residential purposes. The group operates in Central and East-Central Illinois where electric services are accounted for 65% revenues and gas services of 35%.
The two Ameren Energy Resources Generating CompanyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s coal-fired power plants, plus the company's Sterling Avenue combustion turbine site represents more than 1,000 megawatts of net generating capacity for Ameren Energy Resources Generating Company. Ameren CILCO has placed a long term power purchase agreement with Ameren Energy Resources Generating Company that will offer Ameren CILCO energy supply reliability.
There are various components to generate electricity; some of them are coal, hydro, natural gas, nuclear, oil, solar, wind. 
It also safeguards services likes electric suppliers must obtain written authorization from customers before switching their service to another supplier. It also safeguards marketing materials that discloses the prices, terms, and conditions of the products or services offered.
It is the responsibility of the Illinois Commerce Commission to follow an appropriate balance between the interest of consumers and both emerging and existing service providers in accordance with applicable bills and rules. To support this mission, ICC staff provides technical and legal expertise in a professional environment that supports initiative, respect, teamwork, and commitment to public interest.