Stock Building Supply


Stock Building Supply is the largest supplier of building materials to professional home builders and contractors in the United States with fiscal year 2004 sales touching an impressive $3.58 billion. The company has nearly 3500 branch operations in 13 countries worldwide and employee strength of 47,000 people with its annual revenue exceeding $16 billion.
Stock Building Supply intends to further focus on innovative products and service offerings while maintaining a local market focus especially as far as providing exceptional customer service and corporate citizenship is concerned. It offers a safe, challenging and rewarding work environment for all involved in its progress and plans to accomplish this by stressing on open lines of communication and long-term relationships with its customers, vendors and associates.
 The company provides various services like Delivery Services, Commercial Credit Card, Construction Financing, Installed Services, Custom Millwork, Take-Offs, Estimates, Truss Designs, Cabinet Designs, Professional Product Knowledge, and Specialized Sales Service.
The corporate ethics and principles of Stock Building Supply focus primarily on environmental management. This is determined by its business operation, a commitment to the adoption and achievement of best practices with it aiming to prevent pollution through compliance with local environmental legislation. The adoption of local formal environmental management systems and a dedication towards continual improvement helps makes this a goal a realistic one. Stock Building Supply has a primary product wood supplier who is certified by the AF&PA (Sustainable Forestry Initiative of the American Forest and Paper Association) and the Canadian Standards Association. The company is dedicated to providing customers with the best choices in building materials and extends certain benefits program that provides protection and security to the customer and the family.
Its core values that govern its activities is what makes Stock Building Supply hold its own in the fast paced world of ever increasing construction companies. They focus on their customers while being driven to excellence by their associates and employees and openly give credit to them. Since their goals are common to their customers and achieved through the right training, knowledge and innovative practices, it is a mutually beneficially relationship for both the company as well as its clients.