New England Motor Freight Inc.


New England Motor Freight (NEMF) began in Paterson, New Jersey more than 87 years ago in 1918 with just one truck and as always with itÂâ€Ã¢„¢s first customer. NEMF is known to be the finest International trucking service to the major markets that span Ontario and Quebec in Canada. NEMF's service reaches around 70% of the Canadian population with reliable interline connections to the rest of Canada. NEMF provides the fastest and the most professional trucking service to and from Canada.
NEMF uses IBM computers with state-of-the-art enhancements. This computer system affords to maximum control of shipments and allows development of EDI programs custom tailored to meet all of MIS requirements. NEMF has the flexibility to design unique programs to meet all the requirements for conventional solutions or complex arrangements. NEMF has the solution to all the problems in trucking business.
NEMF has experience in all phases of transportation both in domestic and foreign markets. NEMF have specialists in retail, LTL/TL, Expedited Service, Just-In-Time (JIT), Sorting and Segregating, Labeling, Garment-on-Hanger (GOH), Import/Export services, and Consolidation/Distribution, etc.
NEMF is committed to give quality service. In order to constantly improve services and responsiveness, it has implemented a comprehensive training program which is called the NEMF Total Quality Process (TQP). NEMF works very hard to improve the skills of their people and the quality they produce. From pickup calls to on-time delivery of freight, shipment will be handled by people committed to quality. NEMF may be certain of accurate rates. NEMF has an excellent network of terminals strategically located to meet all the requirements in an efficient and cost effective manner.
NEMF is proud of its company owned terminals and equipments. NEMF comprehensive facilities and maintenance programs are best in the industry for valued accounts. In addition, NEMF also provides specialized equipment such as Temperature Controlled, Flat Beds and Garment-On-Hanger (GOH) units, Customer Satisfaction Representatives at each terminal. If you need a local or multi-terminal contact, NEMF can meet all of the requirements. NEMF offers consistent and scheduled service. In order to meet the stringent service standards, over 80% of LTL shipment moves on a linehaul schedules.
NEMF today is at peak on the trucking industry landscape. With revenues in excess of $175 million plus annually, NEMF has enjoyed unprecedented success in an era when industry deregulation and economic conditions have combined to force many trucking companies to merge, be acquired, or go out of business.