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FirstEnergy Corp. is a diversified energy company with headquarter at Akron, Ohio. Its subsidiaries and affiliates are engaged in generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity, as well as energy management and other energy-related services. Its seven electric utility operating companies comprise the nation's fifth largest investor-owned electric system, serving around four million customers within 36,000 square miles of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. The annual revenue is $12 billion and it has approximately $31 billion worth of assets. It has 13,300 megawatts of generating capacity with 11,500 miles of transmission lines, and around 80 interconnections with 13 electric systems. FirstEnergy's service area is within a 500-mile radius of one-half of the U.S. population.
Few years back, one of the FirstEnergy operating companies, The Illuminating Company, Ohio Edison, or Toledo Edison, provided all electricity service. Services include generating the electricity and delivering it to homes or businesses. All of the electric suppliers must be licensed by the PUCO (Public Utilities Commission of Ohio).
FirstEnergy is honored to be a partner in the effort to keep Ohio ranked as one of the best in economic development in the United States. As nation's leading energy companies, FirstEnergy is committed to protect the environment while meeting customer needs for a reliable and affordable supply of electricity. FirstEnergy achieved this balance by effectively managing the environmental impact of all activities using natural resources wisely, improving environmental performance, enhancing environmental stewardship, and supporting research on environmental technologies.
FirstEnergy and utility operating companies have participated in more clean-coal technology projects than any other electric utility companies in the country. ECO technology is designed to decrease NOx, SO2, fine particulates, and mercury emissions and is in the developmental stage to be used commercially in the near future at coal-fired power plants across the nation.In addition, FirstEnergy is taking part in an Electric Power Research Institute effort known as the "CoalFleet for Tomorrow" to evaluate advanced coal power systems, such as integrated gasification combined cycle, fluidized bed combustion of waste coal, and ultra supercritical boilers burning pulverized coal.FirstEnergy has a history of working with public and private interests on a variety of other environmental issues including preservation of wetlands, recycling by-products from its operations, and maintaining transmission corridors in a manner conducive to wildlife diversity.As a company, FirstEnergy have well-planned programs to benefit the environment, which makes good business sense.