PAM Transport Inc.


P.A.M. (Pluggable Authentication Modules) Transportation Services, Inc. is a transportation holding company incorporated in June 1986. It conducts its truckload carrier operations through its wholly-owned subsidiaries: P.A.M. Transport Inc., P.A.M. Dedicated Services Inc., P.A.M. Special Services Inc., P.A.M. Logistics Services Inc., Choctaw Express Inc., Choctaw Brokerage, Inc., Allen Freight Services Inc.; Decker Transport Co Inc., McNeill Express, Inc. and East Coast Transport & Logistics Inc. PAM Transportation Services, Inc. is headquartered and maintains its corporate and administrative offices in Tontitown, Arkansas.
The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s team of dedicated maintenance professionals keeps the fleet of Freightliners, Internationals, Masks, and Volvos in top condition. They run Detroit and Mack engines and the average age of the equipment is two years or less. They have hired and trained professional technicians and continue to update that training to keep them at the top of the field.
The company believes that at the core of its success is the comfort level of those that drive it to reflect their winnings on the graph. Therefore, PAM Transport offers great benefits for old as well as new drivers: Medical, Dental and Pharmacy care and treatment is covered within the first four months of employment. Life Insurance is available in both types: basic and supplementary. Disability Coverage is extended to the drivers as is the 401(K) Retirement Savings Plan which reassures them and secures them a better tomorrow. To ease the long hours of work on the road, there are Paid and Planned vacations of 1 week after 1 year of employment; 2 weeks after 2 years; 3 weeks after 5 years too.
The supply chain services include planning, engineering and design, extending all the way to implementation. PAM Transport Inc strives to consistently exceed the customer expectations, employees, and shareholders in the creation of value and does so to a large extent with the unified aid of Transcend Logistics which is a full-service logistics, supply chain, and transportation management resource, offering a wide array of services to customers spanning multiple industries.
The Service Products that are worthy of mention are  Just in time delivery (JIT), dedicated service, short, medium and long haul capability, Private fleet replacement, Team availability, Cross-dock operations, Brokerage. Additionally, there are Value-added features such as Satellite communications and tracking on all tractors and trailers, an ISO 9002 certification, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and Web Tracing- all of which go a long way in ensuring that the cargo is safe, the customer at ease and the company unmatched in providing excellent, error free transportation.