Tango Transport Inc. - Trucking miles that ensure customer-smiles!

By: Bubbajunk.com

Tango Transport Inc. located at Shreveport, L.A. is a Trucking-Motor Freight Company was founded in 1991 by Robert E and B.J.Gorman with the purpose of providing a distribution system for customers that is cost effective along with providing high quality, hi tech transportation.
To keep expenses at a minimum, the company believes in utilizing the services of owner-operators and contractors.
The company has specialized means of transport for all possible purposes, be it Flats or for Cattle. The fleet count is 1900, of which approximately 700 are trucks and 1200 are trailers; with some vehicles measuring 53 feet, trucking with Tango Transport Inc. is definitely a smart choice too in case you are on the look out for air ride well equipped vans specifically.
In keeping with their philosophy of combining modern age technology with their committed values for customer satisfaction, the dedicated team at Tango Transport Inc. has developed and put into practice specialized software designed with the sole purpose of Customer Satisfaction: Inter- Trac. It is used to keep a track of the consignment and gives the real time status of the cargo.
The corporate office of Tango Transport Inc is located at 6009, Financial Plaza at Shreveport in Los Angeles and they may also be contacted at their two terminals functioning from 4000 Petro Road, West Memphis(Arizona) and the second at 23502 on 61st road, Arkansas City (Kansas)
The Fleet Maintenance unit is at 101, Corporate Drive, Sibley in Los Angeles.
Tango Transport Inc is also on a hiring spree, with special attention to owner/operators. With its open door policy, the company welcomes open minds, willing to be a part of its large scale transport operations. So those desirous of pursuing a career instead of picking up just another routine job are welcome to contact the corporate office with queries on the topic- the company would be more than pleased to inform drivers what are the benefits of being a part of this group.
The company believes that for its highly qualified team to be at its best, it is imperative for it to work in tandem with the needs of their customers by combining shared information, expectations and technical experience with expertise. With added emphasis on cost, efficiency, people, innovation and quality, this is one company striving for effective team management and constant progress: sometimes, it takes more than two to Tango!