USA Truck


The USA Truck, Inc. established in 1988, specializes in truckload quantities of general supplies which are in the medium haul category. Its assurance is that it provides consistent, premium services to shippers as it offers an advanced level of service in the truckload market. The Company operates in the forty-eight neighboring states in the US, covering deliveries in the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Quebec and in Mexico.
Created when six Arkansas Best executives purchased the USA Truck division from Arkansas Best, the company took public in 1992 and began as an operating division of Arkansas Best Corporation (parent company of ABF Freight System, Inc.)
The company has an eight-member management team with each member of the executive staff committing his entire career to the trucking industry. USA Truck has specially designed and implemented profit - sharing incentive plans for the 46 members of the executive and middle management teams.
The CompanyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s branches are located in Van Buren, Arkansas with maintenance facilities in Arkansas, West Memphis, Shreveport, Louisiana, Butler Township, Ohio, Bethel and Pennsylvania. The USA Truck management team has improved a simple operating policy: It operates every tractor at least 2,450 miles per week. The company provided a minimum of 97 percent on time service with its modern fleet of revenue producing equipment and a growth of 15 percent yearly.  
In 1998, the company created their USA Logistics division with a collection of services including dedicated freight, regional freight, brokerage and third party logistics services. USA Logistics provides a one- stop shopping option for our customers as well as new revenue streams for company. In 2004, USA Logistics was responsible for 20 percent of their revenue and continues to grow at a faster speed than their traditional general freight business.
Company is focused on three primary areas: tractor utilization, revenue equipment maintenance costs and Insurance and claims cost which in turn develops productivity and operating performance. The company management team has invested through their equity plans and an analytic translation of their reliability and commitment to the long term development of USA Truck.