Gorman Bros Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

The Gorman Group has been maintaining and rehabilitating roads since 1916. From the sole operation of applying liquid asphalt we have evolved into a multifaceted company. Through their laboratory, manufacturing facilities and engineering services they provide quality work and service with a commitment to excellence second to none.
The Gorman Group is a 3rd generation family owned company in the highway construction business. Operations include the largest deep-water asphalt terminal on the East Coast, asphalt emulsion manufacturing plants aggregate quarries, transportation facilities and engineering services. All these resources are combined to offer our customers innovative solutions to their pavement problems.
There are certain benefits to employees like life insurance, retirement benefits, health insurance, paid holidays, vacation and paid sick/personal days etcÂâ€Ãƒ‚¦and these all benefit time is paid at straight time.
Under the products and services of Gorman Bros Inc, the NovaChip is the latest high-tech weapon in the preventive maintenance arsenal of the highway superintendent. Also it uses micro-surfacing which is a mixture of polymer modified asphalt emulsion, aggregate filler, and water which is mixed and applied in two passes with the specialized equipment shown.
A fog seal is a very inexpensive way to add a little asphalt and a lot of protection to pavement surfaces. Crack sealing is a cost-effective strategy for extending the service life of a pavement that is in good condition. There are two distinct snow and ice control strategies that use chemicals De-icing and anti-icing. Anti-icing is the practice of applying deicing materials at the start of onset of a precipitation event in an attempt to prevent or weaken the bond of ice to the pavement by reducing the freeze point of the water. De-icing is an operation where a treatment of a de-icing chemical is applied to the top of an accumulation of snow, ice or frost that is already bonded to the pavement surface.
Gorman Bros Inc. is using state of the art equipments to perform the task. Gorman Roads are engineered for the long haul. Pavement preservation techniques combined with life cycle costing matches distress with the most effective treatment will stretch your pavement dollars.