Arbor Tree Surgery Inc.


Arbor Tree Surgery Inc. provides utility line clearance tree trimming, residential, commercial, and municipal tree care, quality ornamental arboriculture and custom vegetation management services for power companies throughout the western U.S. including California and Oregon. Richard and Patricia Alvarez started Arbor Tree Surgery in 1959 with two employees for tree clearance operations with Sierra Pacific Power Company and Nevada Bell in Reno.
 By 1966, Arbor's Headquarters shifted to the Central Coast of California and this family-owned and operated business became an industry leader, employing committed experts. In 1973, Richard founded the Tree Trimmers Jamboree: an annual event that promotes the exchange of new methods and technology wherein experienced workers share information and learn from each other about the latest techniques - an effort undertaken to ensure that workers have current knowledge to do their jobs efficiently. The company guarantees safety and quality through ongoing education programs, constant monitoring of safety practices and promotion of research. Working closely with Cal OSHA and ANSI, Arbor Tree Surgery, employees come up with new ideas to improve industry standards; for example, setting up appropriate training procedures in the California Apprenticeship for Electrical Line Clearance Tree Trimmers.
In 1990, Richard and Patty Alvarez retired, passing the family business to their children who continued with the same dedication towards following safe work practices, efforts to keep costs down and detail to environmental concerns. Arbor Tree Surgery has demonstrated a genuine concern for the environment. Safe ecological practices are important to every worker. Great care is taken to evaluate the ecological impact of projects. A 40year track record in decorative tree care and landscape services, with projects undertaken for large scale removals to backyard fruit tree pruning and transplanting to hazardous tree identification, thinning, shaping, safety pruning, cabling, construction site preservation –it is all customized to suit all budgets and needs.
They offer effective clearing services for new line installations and customized Right Of Way programs including low volume herbicide applications; provide safe and economical vegetation management programs using specialized application methods, environmentally sensitive pesticides and plant growth regulators.
Arbor Tree Surgery has Electronic Data System too and has invested in a Management Information System (MIS) in 1989 to share data with many customers: trees trimmed for PG&E, including their locations, the type of trim done, the hours associated with work are entered into a database management system, which helps them stay up to date with all the work carried out.