Henri Studio Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

Henri Studio Inc. is the world's largest designer and manufacturer of original cast stone fountains and statuary. In addition, Henri Studio's sister company, Henri Studio (Europe), Ltd. provides Henri products to the European Community.

Through a balanced blend of advanced production techniques and old world tradition, Henri Studio has grown to become the industry leader in cast stone garden decor.  

Henri Studio is renowned around the world for beautiful, original designs, created and meticulously refined by Henri sculptors. Each Henri piece is then molded, cast and finished by hand, in the tradition of old world artisans. More than ever, Henri Studio retains a reputation for the highest quality in cast stone products. The sheer variety of sizes and styles in the Henri pantheon of products is remarkable. Henri fountains range from delightful tabletops to impressive, traditional outdoor statements, from elegant European classics to realistic nature themes and delightful floral and whimsical designs.

In addition, Henri Studio provides thirty beautiful finishes to bring out the best in every cast stone creation. From traditional, hand-rubbed antiques to the extraordinary multicolor Hi-Tones to classic, aged-look old world stains, Henri offers a genuine stone look that complements any setting. Finally, Henri Studio completes the picture with an array of accessories to enhance and help maintain the original beauty of Henri cast stone fountains and garden decor. In the mid-1980's, Henri Studio pioneered European water gardening concepts in the U.S. lawn and garden market. Widely emulated, Henri water gardening has remained an industry benchmark. And as water gardening's popularity surges, Henri water gardening continues to sparkle with innovative, premium pond products.

Henri's sculpted, original, internationally copyrighted creations in fountains, statuary, birdbaths, planters and garden ornaments are renowned around the globe. The Henri name is synonymous with quality and originality to thousands of garden retailers and consumers worldwide.