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Darling International Inc. is America's leading provider for recycling, and recovery solutions to the nation's food industry. Over a century old, Darling International Inc. established in 1882, at Chicago. Darling joined forces with the meatpacking firm, Swift & Co. primarily to find and develop markets for waste fat, bones, and other by-products. Darling collects, transports, and transforms used cooking oil, trap waste, and animal by-products through their network that is spread across the nation.
Operating through a network of 44 facilities across the United States, where animal and food waste products that are normally discarded or incinerated are transformed into useful commercial goods, including tallow, protein meals, and yellow grease. And by exporting approximately thirty percent of what it produces the company contributes to the balance of trade to the country.
Darling International Inc. is servicing the food industry, by buying, cooking, and selling food. Building, training and fine-tuning a team and retaining them through attractive incentives and company benefits is another commendable feat. The Company keeps a track of everything. And since they are dealing with food products the first thing on their mind is sanitation, sanitation, and sanitation.
Darling International products are mainly animal proteins, fats and oils. In the world market, protein has become the most sought-after ingredient in the makeup of animal feeds. In the world market and the domestic market, animal proteins have justifiably become an important part of the feed ingredient mix. Nutritionists from around the world have found many benefits by including animal proteins in feed formulae. Animal fat was originally used specifically for production of soap and candles it has made significant progress in technological. ItÂâ€Ã¢„¢s chemical structure is refined, split or altered to fit into the needs of numerous commercial uses, such as stearic and oleic acids as well as glycerine.
Backed by years of experience in documentation, customs regulations and securing freight. Darling International exports to more than 35 countries presently. This figure along with all the other statistics is ever improving making Darling International a leader in the industry.