Eastern Propane Gas Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

In 1932 the Clement family set firm upon expanding their product line by offering "bottled gas" at their hardware store in Danvers, Massachusetts; a decision that proved to be path breaking - by 1959, operating under the name of Country Gas Distributors, their business developed further making the Clements a four-state LP gas retailer and wholesaler. With the spirited assistance from next generation, the company continued to expand and renamed itself Eastern Propane and the name stuck ever since.
Eastern has stringent hiring standards and measures that evaluate only worthy individuals who are highly motivated, detail oriented and safety conscious while demonstrating a high desire to achieve. The company takes care of its own: it provides health, dental, short term disability and life insurance at NO COST to employees. Eastern also offers several voluntary insurance products, flexible spending accounts and 401k with a generous company match. Employees also benefit from the regular gas and oil discounts for themselves as well as some extended to their relatives (parents and children), products at cost (for personal use) and a generous annual allowance for uniforms, if required, for the position.
Eastern Propane & Oil stands tall in its mission statement of being committed to providing all its valued and esteemed customers with current and accurate safety-related information that ensures their collective well being and secure living standards. The company that truly cares works hard to keep its clients in possession of relevant informed on topics pertaining to their industry, such as propane safety, carbon monoxide and gas appliance safety.
Eastern Propane & Oil is a full service company offering the following services to our oil and kerosene customer: round the clock Emergency Service, Automatic Delivery, Budget Payment Plan and Special Finance Plans for Appliance Purchases, Certified Technicians, Service Contracts, Extended Warranty Programs, Fuel Oil Pre-Buy Programs and Oil Tank Protection Programs. In the 1970's there were two generations working hand-in-hand, Eastern continued to expand throughout New England. With over 300 employees serving 80,000 customers from Maine to Cape Cod the Clement family has held fast to its initial goal: quality customer service and satisfaction.