By: Bubbajunk.com

Engledow was established in1932. Thousands of companies throughout Indianapolis and into surrounding states have trusted Engledow to create their environments. And as company business grows, they continue to expand company reach to serve businesses across the country representing various industries. An experienced Indianapolis-based management team that consistently delivers.
To create single source approach and maintaining costumer environment allows an overall understanding of costumer objectives, culture and site. Company sees each landscape is a work of art and a majestic extension of home. So company uses their vision and horticultural expertise to create an exceptional environment that suits costumer individual taste and complements costumer estate.
To create customer perfect costumer business environment takes more than just designing, planting and watering. It takes an understanding of the business world itself. By combining their knowledge of horticulture with their professional expertise, company is able to apply value-engineering principles to develop smart solutions that fit both short- and long-term goals and budgets.
Engledow understand the importance of return on investment, lifecycle costing and brand differentiation and can address plans that address costumer business issues. With their professional orientation, company follows severe quality controls and maintains an excellent EMR safety rating as a result of aggressive safety programs and employee training. Company signature green trucks on site reflect costumer commitment to an environment that is safe, beautiful and reflective of costumer image.
Through the creative design, installation, plant leasing, and continual maintenance. company develop the impact of client business interiors the perfect balance of tropical and flowering plants will help costumer recruit new employees to create positive impressions, increase employee retention, and improve productivity.
Engledow Events can create the memorable experience when costumer need and combining all of their horticultural and design offerings coupled with their logistics and production skills, company serve clients naturally. 
Engledow events let them create the environment that helped them to build their business success.