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Epes Transport System Inc. was established in 1931 Blackstone, Virginia, almost seventy five years ago. It has since been dedicated to providing the quality of transportation services by striving to set standards they have learnt from their vast experience.  Epes Transport System Inc. was originally known as 'The Transport Company' it began as a family owned business and stayed that way for over half a century.  Epes Transport was purchased by Epes Carriers, Inc. in Sep, 1987 which was a newly established holding company owned by A.M. Bodford.   Epes Carriers is the largest private trucking company in North Carolina and is located in Greensboro, North Carolina,
Operating as a dedicated fleet provider they outsource and manage private fleet operations with 48-state authorities. Southeast, Central States, Mid-South, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Southern California, Texas and Canada.. Container Service to and from Virginia and North Carolina. They have 650 power units, 1700 trailer equipment vans and 50 reefers.
Making huge investments to operate private trucking operation in-house with workable facility, proper equipment, trained drivers and a management team can prove to be very costly, not to mention time-consuming. Epes Transport is a Class 1 Motor Carrier providing general commodities truckload transportation service to the shipping public. The areas of service are in the Eastern USA with concentration in the Midwest, Southeast, and Mid Atlantic states. Epes Transport had divided the market into these three segments for convenience. Epes operates the most advanced, lateest model tractors in the industry, standup conventional Freightliners/Peterbilts.  Detroit/Mercedes engines with 10-speed transmissions power them.
Epes Transport com. provide many benefits to Drivers and employees, like health insurance, EHS Drug Card, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Credit Union, Optional Disability Plan, Direct Deposit, Vacation Pay, Funeral Leave, Jury Duty, Uniform Program, Safety Shoe Program, Scholarship Fund, Top Achiever Program, etc.
Epes serves a select core customer base with 40% of their business from top five accounts and 50% from the top 10. Epes strategy is to form a long term partnership with select customers. Epes tries to bring true customer recognized value to the relationship by doing more than providing basic transportation.