Estes Inc is a wholesale distributor of Agricultural, Aquatic, Pest Control, Industrial, Turf, and Ornamentals chemicals, founded in 1957 by Linton (Pete) Estes. Estes Inc remains a family-owned business that follows certain way of doing business that has been passed down through generations. E
Estes Inc. is the distributor of crop protection chemicals, specialty chemicals, seeds, and fertilizer. Estes also provides customer solution for the agriculture, industrial vegetation, aquatics, turf, ornamental and urban pest management markets.
Estes are constantly striving to support customer the best in products and services and have many exciting innovations in the works, including e-commerce. With its companies, customers have access to the products and information needed, as well as online ordering capabilities. Estes help solve customers challenges and help make business more efficient, productive, and cost-effective.
Estes business commitment to customers are to treat as it would like to be treated, respond to customer needs with a positive attitude, to maximize communication, to build long-term, satisfying relationships with customers, to fill orders accurately and promptly, and to be competitive in pricing. Estes also promotes safe handling and proper use of its products, protect environment and natural resources, and inform communities about the industry issues affecting them.      
Estes believes that agriculture can combine the tradition of centuries with the technologies of today. Estes offer customers the widest possible range of products to enhance and improve both the quality and quantity of production.
The Estes promises accurate and timely delivery, technical support for products, crop consulting support, environmental and regulatory support, CEU training, convenient locations, friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable customer support and also promises customer the highest-quality products and service that needs to make work more efficient, successful, and maybe just a little bit easier. Estes also promises to have a professional and knowledgeable sales team, prompt and dependable delivery, etc.