Gra-Bell Truck Line, Inc.


Gra-Bell Truck Line, Inc. began its operation in 1939 with a mini fleet of three tractors and four trailers. Careful planning, by skilled performance driven employees has resulted in today's mammoth fleet of more than 100 tractors and 400 53 foot high cube vans that offer the maximum capacity per shipment.
With the addition of GB Freight Management Gra-Bell Truck Lines Inc. became truly diversified, specializing as a General Commodity Carrier focusing on the Midwest markets as well as maintaining a much needed flexibility to serve customers throughout the U.S. and across the boarder in Canada.
The combined operations and support offices and terminals are located in Holland, Michigan. With an award winning maintenance team servicing the vehicles the quality of service offered by Gra-Bell Truck Line, Inc. is second to none in the industry.
Gra-Bell requires their drivers to have at least one year, all weather, over-the-road experience with no DUI, DWI or reckless driving on their record for the past five years. CompanyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s new hires are paid at a rate that exceeds the Teamster Union Truckload Shipment guidelines for new drivers.  Gra-Bell drivers earn a percentage of their truck's weekly gross income.  While other companies pay on a mileage basis a Gra-Bell driver's pay is a direct reflection of the revenue of his/her truck. With these stringent quality control measures and incentive strategies Gra-Bell is speeding up the high way towards being a leader in the field of trucking.