Gulf Coast Transport Inc.


Gulf Coast Transport inc. was started in 1988, by a 5th generation Texan, Steve Wooten in the Lone Star State, where everything is always "bigger and better" and a constant demand in the marketplace for quality transportation services.
This perfect setting inspired, Steve Wooten at the early age of 26, to create a "bigger and better" premier truckload provider. The Gulf Coast transport inc. was born in Mesquite, TX. With only three trucks and five employees and through years of hard work and dedication has today achieved the status and position it occupies in the market with over 350 trucks and four hundred employees.
Gulf Coast Transport breaks the $10 million mark in 1995. The original truck colors were changed from orange and white to red and black, borrowed from the Texas Tech University colors where president of the company, Steve Wooten attended and graduated.
In 2000, Gulf Coast Transport acquired QLS and revenues escalated to over $26 million & in 2002, Gulf Coast Transport has since then continued to climb and bring in over $30 million per year.
Gulf Coast operates more than 350 power units equipped with Qualcomm Omnitracs satellite mobile communication and tracking system to provide fast, accurate shipment status information around the clock. Combined with more than 3,700 approved carrier-partners to provide vast capacity and services that will meet customer needs. Their trailer fleet consists of more than 700 high-cube 53Ââ€Ã¢„¢ vans. Gulf Coast manages transportation needs within a variety of vertical markets including retail, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods and paper. Gulf Coast Transport operates over 350 tractors and 700 trailers.
Gulf Coast also provides warehousing solutions through strategic partnerships with over 9 million square ft. of warehousing space.