Howard Trucking Inc


Howard Trucking, Inc. began in 1979 – joint venture brought about by two brothers, Boyce and Danny Howard with one tractor each. In August of 1986, tragedy occurred in the form of a traffic accident, killing Boyce and Danny Howard purchased Boyce's interest and assumed full control.
Moving to the future, today Howard Trucking operates over 100 tractors, with 140 48' aluminum air ride spread axle trailers. This is a company paying keen attention to details and drivers, equally. The trucking company is proud to reiterate that its drivers come first and gives them the best equipment and the best work environment available in the transportation industry.
Howard Trucking has the advantage of specialized Terion Communication system which gives it the assurance that its drivers are never alone. The Dispatch Team is the best in the business and putting in as much additional effort as needed for it to become the ultimate provider of specialized services in the business – with drivers hauling heavy loads of 24 ton and sometimes in excess to that, all the way across the country, the management at Howard Trucking Inc. has done well to appreciate that its dispatch team is its life-line. The company never settles for less than the best: a thought that serves like a pat on the back for the able team.
The company offers great benefits to all company drivers. To name a few: Updated Pay Scale, Tarp Pay, Stop over Pay, Lay over Pay, Paid vacation, 100% paid medical and life insurance (family coverages available), AT&T prepaid phone cards, Permanently assigned equipment(No "Slip Seating"), Family owned and operated, Open door policy, Rider program, Central dispatch, 1st in - 1st out dispatch as well as Safe driving awards.
Howard Trucking being the totally Company fleet that it is and the reassurance it provides to its driver force as it is family owned and operated offers a tension free and healthy work environment, necessary for progress and no worry for the drivers about competing with owner-operators for loads. All in all, ease at work and on the road.