Howard University


Ââ€Ã…“Since 1867, Howard University has stood as a beacon on intellect, reason, strength, leadership, and freedom, not only for African Americans, but for all Americans. Our strength has risen out of a sense of community and collaboration. That tradition continues today ..."
Howard University is a special place; it nurtures and respects those who pass through its gates. It is a free of oppression.
Howard University is a comprehensive, research-oriented, historically Black private university providing educational experience of exceptional quality to students of high academic potential with meticulous emphasis upon the provision of educational opportunities to promising Black students.
Howard University is unique in its diversity and values diversity. Howard University is diverse in its community of faculty, staff, students and alumni who reflect the global community and is diverse in regard to the wide range of fields of study and scholarship that is pursued each day. Howard UniversityÂâ€Ã¢„¢s diversity is directed at the realization of the American ideal for all Americans.
There are many schools and colleges in Howard University like college of Arts and Science. The College of Arts and Sciences offers its students with an undergraduate education grounded in the mission for intellectual freedom, social justice, artistic expression and pursuit of knowledge.
School of Business of Howard University offers a comprehensive business and management education to students of high academic potential with particular emphasis upon the provision of educational opportunities for promising African-American students who may not otherwise have an opportunity to acquire an education of the type provided at Howard. Founded thirty one years ago, the School of Communications is one of the largest at Howard and offers undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees in four departments. The College of Dentistry at Howard University was established in 1881, it is the fifth oldest dental school in the United States.
The Howard University School of Education supports the belief that quality preparation of teachers will improve teacher satisfaction, performance and retention, and contribute ultimately to the development of high performing learning communities that are examples of excellence in urban states with diverse student populations.