Lankford-Sysco Food Services LLC


SYSCO (Systems and Services Company) is North AmericaÂâ€Ã¢„¢s leading foodservice marketer and distributor is dedicated to helping customer succeed with an entrepreneurial culture that fosters the freedom of each and every one of its operating entities across the United States and Canada. Operating from 161 locations throughout the contiguous United States and portions of Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada, SYSCOÂâ€Ã¢„¢s product lines are as diverse as its 46,300 employees.
SYSCO provides everything to prepare meals away from home and is supported by more than 47,400 employees across North America; helping customers create ensures return business from their dining patrons. Its united force of committed workers is the key to this diverse and fast-moving business as talent coupled with technology has generated a high level of innovation in foodservice distribution.
The company operates in one of the most basic of industries - the distribution of food and related products and services to restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, motels, schools, colleges, cruise ships, sports parks and summer camps - wherever a meal is prepared away from home. Over a span of many years dedicated to service, SYSCO has embraced advances in technology to upgrade the systems used for customer service which make its own operation more efficient while making necessary information readily accessible to assist customers and suppliers.
A complete range of foodservice supplies and equipment to complement broad food product offerings is offered by SYSCSO and customers can receive everything they need for their operations, from sparkling service ware to heavy-duty, janitorial supplies. SYSCO's goal is to ensure that highly differentiated products are successfully produced for future generations and to provide profitable farmer ownership and control through agricultural sustainability
In 1970 at its first public offering, sales were $115 million; which grew to $29.3 billion for fiscal year 2004. In 1977 SYSCO surpassed its competitors to become the leading supplier to "meals-prepared-away-from-home" operations in North America – further expansion has recorded phenomenal figures from $35 billion growing to about $210 billion since then.
Nourishing and nurturing innumerable dining trends and meal choices, today the decision to consume meals prepared away from home is as much necessity as choice and this is what the company has realized from accurate foresight reserved for the food service industry to offering those fine dining experiences to enjoy meals away from home.