Marten Transport Ltd


Marten Transport, Ltd was founded by Roger Marten at the age of 17 in 1946. It started off with delivering milk and other dairy products. Roger MartenÂâ€Ã¢„¢s routes were primarily in the Modena area, Wisconsin where he was born and raised.
Marten Transport runs five terminal locations and has more than 2,000 tractors. The success of this company is sheer dedication to the principles of providing quality equipment and opportunity for people.
With headquarters in Mondovi, Wisconsin, Marten Transport strives to be the best supplier of time and temperature-sensitive transportation services to customers throughout the nation. Marten offers nationwide service concentrating on expedited movements for high-volume customers. Marten's are listed in the common stock and is traded on the NASDAQ National Market, the symbol is MRTN.
Marten provides customers with more demanding delivery deadlines, as well as to those who ships products requiring modern temperature-controlled trailers to protect goods.
Marten TransportÂâ€Ã¢„¢s mission is to provide customers with transportation services that exceed expectations. Employees at all levels are satisfied and are rewarded financially for their work. Marten gives good returns to their shareholders for their investment. With over 50 years of experience Marten Transport, Ltd. continues to push forward with quality service. The company has grown from a small regional carrier into one of today's leading national protective service transportation company. With terminals in Wisconsin, Georgia, California, Oregon, and Indiana, Marten Transport now serves lot of Fortune 500 companies and it has a workforce of more than 2,000 people.
Marten follows three primary sales strategies; to focus on national accounts with multiple facilities that require protective services or to have products which are time sensitive in nature. Marten measures performance and feedback results on a continuous basis to its customers. Marten reduces cost in the system by the way of open sharing of information and joint research of alternatives to traditional transportation processes.
Marten Transport, Ltd. is committed in providing quality business openings for its partners. Marten transport goods for some of the world's most successful companies and this allows Marten to provide a steady stream of miles stone and quality freight for its contractors.