Mid American Steel Drum Co Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

The Mid American Steel Drum Company was established as a corporation in the year 1975 and is located in Oak Creek. Since that time, there has been no looking back in terms of growth, profitability, success and earning a reputation for itself in being regarded as a quality leader in all its market areas.
Mid-American Steel Drum Company Inc. is the ultimate in the mid west as far as sale and distribution of Reconditioned Steel Drums is concerned. In the thirty years since it began, the company has grown in leaps and bounds and has spread its services to many small, medium and large companies. Some of these companies are headquartered and branched off in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa and Indiana. Michigan and Ohio are also areas that are serviced.
The company believes in doing the right thing in the right way: a philosophy that has stood it in good stead as it has ensured that this consistency in values that it has adhered to is the cohesive force reflected in the way the unit operates even today. This value has been upheld and Mid American Steel Drum has very capably kept up these high standards through meticulous administration and able management without neglecting any of the modern day needs of providing and preserving a sense of social well being and responsibility by practicing safe methods of manufacture which do not have adverse effects on employees or their surroundings.
Their product line is based on reconditioning of openhead and closed head steel drums and reconditioning services for plastic drums, totes, and fiber drums. Additionally, it carries a wide variety of new containers in a variety of materials and configurations. The mainstay is the 55 gallon steel drum; however, there are also containers in a variety of materials, configurations, types and sizes and a constant upgrade is on in the product line to reflect the changing needs of customers.
The company believes in prompt customer service, providing high quality products and operating their plant in an environmentally sound manner. For this to be the constant result each time they venture into dealings in their old market or forge ahead in the new, they have leaned on these business basics which they credit their success and reputation to: for continual improvement, only integrity works magic.