Mountain Valley Express was founded thirty years ago in 1976 Founded by Charles L. Giles in Manteca California to serve the highly demanding overnight California Market. Their first customer was Dana Corporation and in the very first year brought in revenues of two hundred thousand dollars.
It was primarily a family owned and operated overnight freight carrier moving products to shippers and receivers on less than truckload (LTL) shipments.
Their farsightedness and focus has allowed them to grow on a large scale very methodically and strategically. And unlike business hungry orgnisations who take what comes to them and pass on the responsibilities to their partners just so an opportunity to make a profit wonÂâ€Ã¢„¢t go by, Mountain Vally Express Inc will turn down an order they have doubts of executing in keeping with their commitments to their customers by not exceeding their capacities and abilities. Their second day service is unmatched by the competition and is seconded only by their consistency in servicing their customers who are treated like esteemed business partners.
as a family owned and operated, Premier Overnight Freight Carrier for the demanding overnight California Market. Moving product to shippers and receivers on less than truckload (LTL) shipments. Their focus has allowed them to grow methodically and strategically, so our commitments to our customers do not exceed their capacities and abilities to provide overnight service and second day service with a consistency unmatched by their competitors.
Their most recent growth has taken us into the second day market of the Pacific Northwest as well as the Reno Nevada overnight and second day market.
2006 marks their 30th year of delivering, Prompt, Courteous, and Dependable Service to our customers in California, as well as into the Pacific Northwest and now Reno Nevada. Their services and dependability continues to grow at an alarming rate along with their ever increasing database of satisfied customers.