North American Bulk Transport Inc


North American Bulk Transport, Inc. merged business interest with the Tankstar USA, Inc. family in 1987 which can be considered as one of their first acquisitions. Originally called C.T. Hertzsch, Inc., the company began as a joint venture as a singular venture of Mr. Hertzsch and the Louisville Cement Company located at Speed, Indiana in the summer of 1953. The idea was to provide a higher quality, more efficient delivery service for the cement company's customers.
In 1957 C.T. Hertzsch was acquired by the Louisville Cement Company and was held and operated by them until Essroc Materials purchased the cement company in 1987. Around which time, North American acquired the trucking company from them.
During the early years, the primary means of delivering cement in the area was by transporting it in bags. The method followed to do this was the traditional approach of manual efforts: hand loaded and unloaded on a flat bed truck Sometime down the line with the modern thinking evolved new methods and few years later the fleet grew to include the "new" enclosed mechanical unloading bulk trailers, or screw trailers as they were known. The year1958 ushered in the use of the pneumatic tank trailer, which is essentially the same trailer used today.
The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s main focus is still in the cement industry but it has also broadened interests and expanded operations to include a wide range of dry bulk products, non-hazardous as well as hazardous chemicals including the utilization of many loading and unloading systems, such as pneumatic, flat, rail transfer and vacuum service. The reason why these diverse interests and commitments can be maintained and met successfully? The dedicated and well equipped transportation team and staff that the company has in its lap since its advent - the years after the acquisition have witnessed the company growing from a single terminal in Indiana to locations in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania to what it is today: a unit that operates over 100 tractors and 200 trailers of which 95 per cent are company owned and this helps it to cover a 15 state area.