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Otis Spunkmeyer is a make believe name dreamed up by the founderÂâ€Ã¢„¢s 12 year old daughter, John S. Schiavo decided to give the name to his chain of cookie stores which began as a California chain of retail cookie stores in 1977  and has since grown into the renowned pioneer of fresh-baked cookies since. After six years of resounding success, the company shifted its focus to selling its fresh-baked cookie program to other foodservice operations on a wholesale basis. John S. Schiavo is the president and the CEO of the company with headquarters at San Leandro, California.
In 1990, Otis Spunkmeyer stormed into the retail market by rolling out its famous signature cookie dough wrapped in 1 lb. and 5 lb. packages. It was in the same year that the company added ready-baked muffins to its line of select bakery products. Otis Spunkmeyer Muffins are available in foodservice and retail outlets throughout North America and Europe.
Otis Spunkmeyer has set up manufacturing facilities in cities like San Leandro, California (the San Francisco Bay Area); Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Cayce, South Carolina. The company also operates 56 Sales Centers throughout the country that store and deliver products to foodservice providers and retail accounts who prefer Direct Store Delivery.
Otis Spunkmeyer continues to be the leading manufacturer and distributor of frozen gourmet cookie dough, ready-baked muffins, and a variety of other premium bakery products to foodservice facilities and retail outlets throughout the United States, Canada, Central and South America and Europe.
The company's route sales force provides direct delivery from any of the 56 nationwide sales centers in the United States or is ready to accommodate a customer's own distributor source.
The company's ever increasing customer base includes: business dining locations, colleges and universities, drugstore chains, fast food outlets, healthcare facilities, K-12 schools, military and employee feeding operations, supermarkets, independent and chain restaurants, mass merchandisers, convenience stores, and automatic vending machines.
CompanyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s famous products are cookies, muffins, brownies, pastries, bagels and there are some cafe collections.