Purity Dairies Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

The seed for the business was planted almost 80 years ago when way back in 1925, there was a young, newly wed couple who began their married life with the boyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s parents and the old folks lived on a small dairy farm.
The couple in question knew they had started small but their dream and their commitment to it was big time. Miles Ezell, the young bridegroom, with stars in his eyes and heavy milk cans on his back, began his day by loading the milk trucks for Nashville Pure Milk Company. His wife, Estelle, lived with his parents on the dairy farm owned by Dr. C.N. Cowden, a successful West Meade/Nashville physician.
Over the next 75 years, the couple set their mind to acquiring and developing the use of the facilities that were at their disposal and thus germinated the thought of their own dairy farm: managed and supervised, worked upon by the young couple themselves. They set high standards for themselves to ensure freshness and great taste and to the maintenance of the well chosen name of their unit: Purity. Even today, the standards of the dairy are much higher on a consistent level than those set by the American government. The variety of products includes namely Milk Products, Ice Cream, Frozen Treats, and Good for You Frozen products, Seasonal special Dairy Products, Water and Drinks & Juices.
The quality control team measures undertaken at Purity Dairies Inc. take more time and therefore more expense, to serve their valued customers the best milk, ice cream and a wide variety of other dairy products that uphold its integrity and reputation for quality and freshness.