Refrigerated Food Express Inc


RFX (Refrigerated Food Express) was founded in August 11, 1952 by Thomas E. Welby, Sr. with roots in transportation dating back to the late 1930s and he ran the business until 1960. RFX is the one stop source for moving shipments daily, weekly or occasionally and is a part of The RFX Companies.
In the years that followed, the business got upgraded, changed and expanded with the interests and capabilities of its owners and associates who were constantly striving towards improving it beyond customer expectation and industry standards.
The management proudly maintains that the business has flourished because of a variety of reasons; the primary one being flexibility in being a solutions provider in a variety of industries – you know how it can be if you are spoilt for choice. RFX believes that well begun is half done and it has reflected this in their work output and in respecting customer needs in all possible ways and areas.
RFX  customer bases are wide spread and loyal and their patrons come from varied fields like specialty food manufacturers,  a host of supermarket chains, retail, intermodal, perishable and non-perishable general commodity manufacturers and distributors- the list is endless and continually expanding. With billions of pounds of freight being moved each year in the United States, RFX can assure its customers of the type of quality and reliable service that leading companies have come to count on from its team of dedicated professionals. The shipments are dispatched from regional offices and are monitored through our integrated computer system (LoadMaster) so the customer rest easy if he needs to know where his cargo has reached or how long it will be on whichever route.
Reasons for the expansion are many and today RFX companies have RFX, Inc. - the licensed transportation intermediary and Refrigerated Food Express, Inc- a common and contract carrier. The company has a strong management team committed to the values of the past with a vision of the future for its personnel at the corporate headquarters, staff in the regional dispatch offices around the country and the road operators – all of whom are committed to honesty, fairness, and quality transportation service – like the RFX.