Anamax Transportation Corp


Anamax Corporation dealt primarily with the representation, gelatin bone and hides processing business and was previously known as Green Bay Soap Company with establishment roots credited to 1881. Nicholas Meyer began the operation which remained family owned and operated since its inception in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Anamax Transportation Corp. was started in 1980 to provide quality service in collecting raw materials and delivering finished products to customers and providing contract hauling for third parties. Market need was to offer tallow to dairy farmers a cost-effective source of energy and thus, Maxco, Inc. was established in 1987. The acquisition of Burbank Grease Services in 1998 strengthened the Anamax Group to expand into the area of grease services and today Anamax Group of companies consists of the Anamax Corporation, Anamax Transportation Corp., Maxco Inc. and the Burbank Grease Services, LLC – making Anamax the largest exporter out of the Port of Green Bay, with over 65% of sales shipped to the Far East, Europe, Mexico and Canada.
The group employs over 270 people in Green Bay and DeForest, Wisconsin and transfer stations in Abbotsford and Evansville, Wisconsin and trains them in the Purpose, Vision and Operating Values of Anamax: all are encouraged to contribute suggestions in all facets of the business which propel the company to provide environmentally-responsible solutions for agri-business and the food industry.
Current demand is for production and maintenance personnel in rendering, gelatin bone and hide operations, truck drivers, lab technicians, supervisors, managers and administrative personnel. Employment ensures Health, Life and Disability insurance; employee assistance program, tuition help and a flexible spending account for medical and dependent care expenses. Other benefits provided to employees are Profit sharing plan, the 401(K) plan and Vacation pay, scholarships, no cost uniforms and weekly paychecks for production employees.
The company approves the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points ("HACCP) which is a logical and highly specialized system of controls to prevent the occurrence of hazardous /critical situations during processing. So, safety and quality in the rendering or recycling by-products of the food and meat industries by converting these products into items of greater value is what Anamax is all about – and it does so, tirelessly and competently – with in house transport facility and a dedicated driving force.