Armellini Express Lines Inc. started as a company to transport flowers from Vineland, New Jersey into Philadelphia and New York City by Jules Armellini and his wife in 1945. They started out with one truck and operated out of a barn as their terminal. Today Armellini Industries, Inc. is a family-owned corporation and has grown into the Armellini Express Lines, Inc., now the largest carrier of fresh flowers in the U.S. Armellini Industries, Inc. has interests in many fields of transportation Namely; Armellini Express Lines, Inc., Armellini Flower Service, Inc., Armellini Air Express, Fresco Service, Inc., and NorthStar Transportation, Inc. The family's second generation has taken over the responsibilities of keeping the corporation on the cutting edge of the floral industry.
Armellini Express Lines Inc has incorporated in its services the well known Qualcomm Satellite Tracking system, this satellite technology is used to track shipments. Each tractor is equipped with a unit that periodically transmits the vehicles location to the main system at the dispatch office. This instant communication between dispatchers and drivers, allows for quick response to roadside emergencies, traffic, weather or delivery problems that may cause delays. This also enables real time advise to clients of any difficulty and provides more accurate ETA's on the online program and the Customer Service Department. All trailers have also been fitted with a special transmitter that instantly reports any temperature abnormalities to the relevant department so that timely action can be taken. These state of the art capabilities and technologies offer the customers peace of mind through knowing that their shipments are closely monitored each and every mile.