Cal Cartage started service as small family owned pick up and delivery carrier in Los Angeles supporting this country's aircraft industry during the war in 1944. They are  now into the third generation involved in the company's operations on a day-to-day basis as well as for the future. During the past 60 years, they have developed into a Southern California powerhouse for import trucking, warehousing, deconsolidation, and distribution. Within the last decade alone they have opened facilities and expanded into the Port of Savannah, Georgia, at the Intermodal hub at Center point, Elwood, Illinois, and in the Port of Oakland, California. They are capable of providing high-velocity logistics services to large and small customers in the retail, discount retail, hardware, and apparel, footwear, and toy industries. As well as similar logistics integration services to many of the key vendors to those customer industries mentioned above.
The company has over 1200 owner-operators in their fleet nationwide, to provide drayage, intermodal drayage, and consolidation trucking services to the warehouses. They have setup specific terminals in three locations i.e. in Southern California, as well as in San Diego, Seattle, and points along the border with Mexico.
Their retail services has emerged as a dominant force in the importation of goods from overseas in the last decade. The Cal Cartage companies have kept pace with that ever increasing freight surge. Apart form drayage, deconsolidation, web tracking, warehousing, they also offer specialized value added services to the retail industry. Vendors, small and large, find them to be fully compliant with the EDI standards required by the major retailers. On coasts, Cal Cartage can integrate cargo into the supply chain with the ease of any expert in the industry.
California Cartage Inc. owns the largest fleet of specialized equipment in Southern California. With plenty of equipment available to move volumes of 20-ft upgraded containers to and from the piers they have the specialized equipment needed to move extra-heavy 40-ft containers legally within the Overweight Corridor with tri-axle chassis and 4-axle tractors. With 75 pieces of closed van equipment for the movement of truckload and LTL cargoes they are ready to move any load.