Cima Transportation Inc.


Cima Transportation, Inc. primarily focus on the safe transport of hazardous
materials and hazardous waste in the high-tech semiconductor industry. Cima transport goods and provide services to a wide range of industries within the forty-eight adjacent states. Cima Transportation, Inc. caters the customer in the transport and disposal of hazardous materials and hazardous waste. Cima do it according to all applicable regulations, in the safest and most timely manner possible.
Cima Transportation, Inc. was founded in 1997; Cima began as the former Hazardous Waste Materials Private Fleet for Texas Instruments, Inc. Cima established a twenty-year record of safety excellence with nil collisions or environmental incidents, the fleet is also well known for its superior industry expertise and quality service. Cima continues that tradition of safety and service. At the same time, Cima addresses each customer's needs efficiently and constantly seeks opportunities for innovation. Cima Transportation Inc Based in Highland Village, Texas, Cima provides emergency response in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area for chemical spills and chemical removal within one hour of notification. For scheduled non-hazardous loads, we are licensed to run in all 48 contiguous states. Cima also holds permits for the transport of hazardous waste materials in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Illinois, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, and Texas.
Cima Transportation, Inc. focuses on providing the customer with the highest quality service possible, Cima hires only the best drivers in the industry. Their drivers are the best in the industry with extensive training in safety and hazardous chemical handling. A customer can contact any driver at any time so that the customer remains updated every time.  In Cima preventive maintenance is scheduled for every ten thousand miles, compared to the Industry standard of every twenty-to forty-thousand miles. Cima's priority is service, with reliable, on time pick-ups, deliveries, and emergency responses. 
Cima Transportation, Inc. is dedicated to a safe, clean environment, by means of the safe transport and disposal of hazardous materials and hazardous waste.