Clarkson Construction Company


Clarkson Construction today is one of the largest and most diversified construction identities.
Clarkson Construction Company is a sixth generation family-owned heavy, highway, and site work contractor. Clarkson Construction Company was established in 1880 as a grading contractor and the company today is one of the largest and most diversified construction entities in the Midwest. Clarkson Construction Company, with its home office in Kansas City, MO, operates basically in Missouri and Kansas.
Clarkson is well known for on-time construction while maintaining a safe work environment. Clarkson performs over 80 percent of its work with its own labor and equipment forces. Clarkson has acquired a reputation of completing the projects on a fast-track basis.
In addition to this work, under the banner Clarkson Construction a fifty percent ownership in Bowen Asphalt Company which is located in Kansas City, Missouri.  Clarkson Construction - in partnership with Ash Grove Aggregates Inc. - also operates a quarry company titled Johnson County Aggregates, Joint Venture.  In addition the Clarkson family operates Everett Holding Company, which in turn operates Everett Quarries, an aggregate producer located in Plattsburg, Missouri and Micro-Lite LLC, a producer of agricultural products based in Chanute, Kansas.  Total Risk Management Inc., based in Kansas City, Missouri, manages the safety, insurance and security issues for all Clarkson Companies.  It is also a wholly owned subsidiary of Clarkson Construction Company
The divisions are bridge, concrete paving, grading, soil stabilization and aggregate. They are also involved in the following works such as clearing and grubbing site grading, concrete box culverts, soil stabilization & aggregate base,  demolition , concrete paving, steel and concrete bridges, concrete, modular block & reinforced earth retaining walls, earth and rock excavation, asphalt paving, rock crushing and processing drainage sewer and utility pipe work.
Total Risk Management (TRM) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Clarkson Construction Company. TRM's function is to provide exclusive support services to Clarkson Construction Company and its entities.
Total Risk Management's dedicated staffs provide their expertise and support services in all the areas of construction technology, communications, safety, security, insurance, affirmative action, EEO and human resources. This is accomplished by providing training, resources and information to supervisors and employees both on and off the job site.
TRM is committed to reaching its goal of providing a safe and secure environment for all employees, the project owner, and the community at large.