Courier Systems Inc


This company was founded in the year 1950 as a family owned and operated business; it has remained that way ever since.
At its roots was the thought of providing a small messenger service directed, as it was then, at the needs of the printing community. With the growth in the economy of the town and the cross-cultural shifting of the peopleÂâ€Ã¢„¢s base, the demand for personalized and urgent communication needs grew. This in turn, was responsible for the huge and steady return of old customers, who by word of mouth, brought in fresh demands and thus the company expanded operations to service larger, multi faceted distribution needs as well.
They hired and trained efficient and dedicated staff, seeped in the company values and traditions of providing on time customer service with grace and commitment, every time.
The employees at Courier Systems Inc are equipped with the knowledge and the dedication to handle the most difficult jobs, with ease, team spirit and sense of duty; the associates at this messenger service agency keep the lines of communication going for its integrated customer base.
The employees at Courier Systems Inc. are all experienced personnel who are trained and
knowledgeable about the use of computerized inventory and shipping systems. The staff can also provide EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and web integration when required; which means that if a shipment or courier needs to be tracked, the representative at Courier Systems Inc. has merely to look up the delivery route and verify the status of the customerÂâ€Ã¢„¢s cargo through a specialized system devised primarily for this purpose: of reassuring the customer.
The mission statement of Courier System Inc. is to provide prompt and disciplined staff and service to its customers whenever they need, whatever they need. The company therefore concentrates on developing and maintaining a dependable turnkey distribution system. In simpler terms, this means a reliable structural coordination of strategically planned activities and steps to ensure there is on time pick up and delivery system, matching the documentation that tracks the shipment from start to finish and clean modern warehouse facilities which provide a secure resting place for the shipments.
Adding a feather to its cap, the company has recently expanded operations to a new 60,000 sq foot distribution center in Landover, Maryland which opened in November, 2002.