Greenline Logistics Inc


Greenline Logistics Inc is a company works in thousands of acres, processes hundreds of thousands of bushels, and markets millions of pounds of fresh trimmed green beans all year round to wholesalers and distributors across the nation. Greenline Logistic is the only vertically integrated fresh trimmed green bean producer in North America and controls everything from planting hybrid seeds through on-time delivery to customers. Greenline grows its own proprietary hybrid seeds, developed not only for pleasing flavor and color, but to withstand the rigors of mechanical harvesting and processing with consistent fresh flavor and color to customerÂâ€Ã¢„¢s expectation.
There are various services that Greenline provides. Greenline ships beans to A.I.B. and H.A.C.C.P. inspected processing facilities for washing, trimming, grading, and packaging in controlled temperature and adequate humid environments. Greenline patented Fresh Start Process retains product quality, extends shelf life and eliminates shrink which is trimmed and ready to cook. With proper resealing and refrigerating, Greenline fresh trimmed green beans will outlast any locally grown seasonal varieties. Quick preparation, consistent quality, and easy storage helps to ensure customer satisfaction.
Greenline also produces beans & carrots, a blend of green and wax beans, and carrots, and wax beans and provides foodservice in Fresh, Trimmed, Triple Washed, Double Graded packaged in two 5 lbs poly bags/case.
Supply service of Greenline Logistics provides temperature controlled LTL distribution services throughout the country. Services include temperature which is controlled between 38-42 degrees, Cross Docking, Accepting Volume Backhauls, Complete Supply Chain Logistics Services, and Multiple Distribution Services.
Greenline Logistics Inc is established from years of experience and expertise, best AgPractices quality farming program nurtures the seeds from planting through exclusive early harvesting; a technique that captures and prolongs the quality and flavor of young, tender green beans, and adds year round value to customers' meals.