Henry & Henry Inc.

By: Bubbajunk.com

In 1881 Henry & Henry Monuments was established in Crittenden County by John S. Henry. The first location was on E. Carlisle Street in Marion. All the work done on the memorial is truly by hand using chisels and mallets. In 1949, the business moved to its present location on Sturgis Road. From that time, company have expanded, changed the indoor display area, enlarged the display, become more automated with the use of automatic sandblast, layout computer and other "modern" conveniences.  Memorials are still "hand-crafted and designed" in that all the work is done right her on the premises.
William A. (Billy) fox and Dianne Fox Newcam as 5th generation memorializes, is very proud of their Herritage in this industry. It is because of this family heritage that each memorial is hand crafted by skilled craftsman under their close supervision  not only because it has company family name on it, but, more importantly, because it has costumer family name on it.
Company goal is to provide costumer with a superior quality memorial that company can take pride in for generations to come. Henry & Henry Monuments is presently owned and operated by Billy Fox and Dianne Newcom, 5th Generation memorializes and John S. Henry great grandchildren of the founder.
Henry & Henry monument work is guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship. The company memorial will be erected on a guaranteed foundation in accordance with all cemetery rules and regulations.
There are a number of processes that must be gone through from the time the order is placed until the memorial is erected in the cemetery. Company would be happy to give customer tour of their plant on customer visit.
According to the size, shape, color and amount of polish monuments are priced. Like colored granite, such as red, brown, and black, are priced higher than the gray granite. If the monument is not a "standard" shape, it is more expensive because of the extra time involved in shaping it. If customer prefers a monument that is polished all over rather than just on the front and back and the cost will be more.