Donnelly Corp.


Magna Donnelly focuses on the future. It focuses on the innovative electronics that makes driving safer, easier and more gratifying. These are the sensors, systems that deliver information. These technological ideas donÂâ€Ã¢„¢t simply improve cars but also they help the drivers.
The core technologies of Magna Donnelly are creating the products that will shape the future of driving. Developing new technologies and applying those technologies to the ways people interact with their vehicles, Magna Donnelly is developing a new experience that will ensure passenger and drivers to be safer, informed in a better way and more comfortable.
Magna Donnelly has got its corporate headquarters and various administrative offices, and in addition to this Magna Donnelly has twenty-six production facilities worldwide. Twelve production facilities are located in North America, ten in Europe and four in Asia.
The main products of Magna Donnelly are electronic modules, interior vision systems, camera vision systems, exterior vision systems, window systems, door closure systems, glass fabrication and coating. 
Magna Donnelly believes in the way work of working together rather than the way of working. Magna Donnelly believes that developing a high level of trust and transparency throughout the organization is essential to success. 
In order to provide direction for global environmental stewardship, the company recognizes the value of environmental leadership, responsibility, and innovation in the management of all company facilities and operations.
With more than eighty-two hundred employees in sixteen countries, Magna Donnelly has opportunities for career growth and development. The company provides the following benefits to their employees medical, dental, life insurance, 401(k) savings plan, pension plan, holidays, spending accounts, and other additional benefits according to industrial standards.
Magna Donnelly has committed to its suppliers the development of resources and opportunities in which commercial relationships can build and strengthen.
Magna Donnelly products will be at the heart of the cars of tomorrow. TheyÂâ€Ã¢„¢re products of advanced thinking with a human touch.