Hospital Laundry Services.


A pioneering group of Chicago area hospitals and long term care facilities came together to pool their resources and form a cooperative laundry system to handle their laundry and linen needs from last 32 years. The Hospital Laundry Services (HLS) was born over the years, HLS grew to serve its owners as well as taking on non-owner customers in 1980 and with the support of the Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council (MCHC), HLSÂâ€Ã¢„¢ two plants were operating at complete facility.
In 1992, the Addison Street plant underwent a $5 million renovation project adding facility as well as new washing, processing and software systems. As result the Chicago Avenue plant was closed and all business transferred to Addison Street.
Linen will be shipped according to a fixed standard order. This order can be changed as often as daily to pay costs for increased or decreased demand and census fluctuations. For normally upgrade patience linen quality, this results in greater care to patients.
Eliminate valuable staff time spent on linen issues: Negotiating with Linen Vendors, Purchasing, Tracking and worrying about inventory, completing linen inventories, Ragging out worn linen, Mending linen, Property marking linen, Reduce physical space necessary to store new linen supplies.
In the mid 1990 HLS recognized the need for new services and programs to meet the challenging budgetary issues being faced by the majority of its customers. These new services and programs included: HLS Clinic Route Division- This service provides linen rental service directly to hospital off-site locations, outpatient facilities, doctorÂâ€Ã¢„¢s offices, and ambulatory surgery centers.
HLS Sterile Recovery Division – This service provides sterile surgical packs and thus reduces hospital or surgery center costs in the areas of product acquisition, waste disposal, and instrument replacement costs.
HLS Linen Management Services – HLS places trained managers and linen staff on-site at hospitals to handle the entire linen operation. Guaranteed savings are accomplished through increased linen management and control as well as decreased linen losses.
Mid 2002 a new plant constructed is able to house all divisions of the company and provide HLS with the space and new technologies necessary to ensure a continued high level of service and quality to its customers.