Kerr Concrete Pipe Co.


Kerr Concrete Pipe was established in 1936. There are two site, one site in South Jersey at Folsom and another in the Central Jersey at Farmingdale. The Farmingdale location was acquired in 2000 and two facilities service all of New Jersey, Southern New York and New York City. Kerr Concrete Pipe is the largest producer of concrete pipe in the State of New Jersey. Kerr manufactures 12" through 120" rubber gasket and mortar joint pipe, as well as 18"- 108" elliptical pipe and flared ends 12" through 72" round and elliptical. Company has the ability to make additional sizes as required by their customer.
Company basically known for its Engineering innovations has design and manufactured many projects with special conditions over the years. Kerr designs and manufactures class four and five elliptical pipe where ASTM C507 does not have a standard design. Kerr has designed and manufactured many pipelines with deep fills of a 100' or more. The pipe for these projects has 17" plus walls with d-loads in excess of 8000lbs./lft/ftof diameter.
The company offers free Engineering help to contractors and consulting engineers and company has supply designs using SIDD and PIPECAR on a daily basis using the data supplied by the customer. Kerr supplies and designs tunnel pipe both for jacking and tunnel liners as a regular part of their business. Company makes specials and perforated pipe that can be used for water retention projects.
Kerr uses self-unloaders on it trailers that are able to unload 48" and down round pipe at the job site without the aid of the contractor. The unloading area needs to be relatively flat and accessible by our tractor-trailer under its own power. Company drivers have cell phones and are able to communicate with the office if a problem arises on the job site
The company products are like Concrete Pipe, Storm water Retention, Perforated Pipe, Step Boot, Pipe End Sections, Split Box Culverts, Hamilton Kent Offset Gasket, J-Pipe Plugs - For Plugging Underground Sewers, Syntho-Glass - Water Activated Pipe and Joint Repair, Water walls - Rubber Flood Barriers, Pipe Lift, Pipe Hook.
Key feathers of Kerry are: Concrete Pipe, Structural Integrity, Hydraulic Capacity, System Integrity, Safety, Easy to Install, Environmental Compatibility, RCP Concrete Pipe and Flared Ends.