Langford Inc.


Greg and Joyce Langford established Langford Inc. in 1986.  It is based out of St. Cloud, MN, the fleet consists of company trucks and owner operators all equipped with satellite communications. Company trailers are 100% air ride, logistically equipped dry vans (102 inches wide, and 53 foot in length). With over 100 years in trucking experience among its staff, Langford Inc. has become a study in trucking excellence. Company has incorporated the best of the trucking industry with fresh new ideas and service beyond compare.
JCL, Inc. grew out of Langford's drive for exceptional service. JCL Inc. serves the trucking industry as a freight brokerage with the reputation of superior service both to its customer's and their customers. In this age of communications and technology, company does their best to use every advantage available to service their customers. Beginning in May of 1998, company initiated the use of satellite systems in their fleet. The item is already in place such as specialized software and Internet sites helps to maintain their edge.
Langford Inc. has developed systematic safe ways to coordinate and transport freight in a cost-effective manner throughout the US Ontario and Montreal, Canada. Company is a key factor in maintaining a quality relationship between their shippers and their customers. Company office staff and drivers are dedicated to maintaining a high level of customer service and satisfaction.
  Description of Services: Traffic lanes throughout the United States and Canada. Specialize in Multi-Stop / Time Sensitive deliveries in the buildings trades and products are experienced at handling COD deliveries. Company is co-ordinate with shipper and consignee to establish optimal loading at delivery times to provide the best routing of multiple stops to minimize shipping expenses. Company work is not only to preserve their "Satisfactory" safety rating but also to keep their drivers safe and sound!  As far as their customer service concerns go, as their business consists mostly delivering to the franchises of their two major customers. Company is able to visit the same franchises and build report with the staff and owners of those franchises. Langford is always looking for drivers and owner operators with a high standard of excellence to add their expertise to their fleet. Because reputation is very important to them. Company drivers are the face they show the world, company is looking for the best.