M. M. Smith Storage Warehouse Inc.

By: Bubbajunk.com

M.M. Smith Storage Warehouse, Inc. was started in 1934 by Mr. M. M. Smith Sr. at 325 Hay St. At the time of origination, Mr. Smith was in the retail furniture business and soon after Mr. Smith bought his first warehouse in 1938. In 1954, Mr. Smith closed his furniture business and concentrated on moving and storage business. After 71 years in the moving and storage business, the household goods division was sold in March 2005.
In 1963, Matthew M. Smith Jr. joined the business basis after working with his father since childhood. Under Matthew's guidance the business grew and expanded as additional needs for the area emerged. M.M, Smith Storage opened its first Commercial Merchandise Division.
The company operates approximately 75,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, providing services to Eastern part of North Carolina. The company also runs a fleet of trucks and trailers for the delivery of stored goods, U.S. Mail, and provides TOFC (piggyback) service to the rail heads in Charlotte and Greensboro.
The company owns and maintains a total of 28 vans, trucks, tractors and trailers in its fleet. With its own truck maintenance facilities including a 3 bay shop, environmentally friendly wash facilities and a fully equipped shop truck, company is always ready to deliver on a moments notice. The shop is heated by an EPA approved waste oil heater which uses oil from the trucks as fuel. Internal personnel provide all of the necessary support functions including major engine overhaul. The company employs approximately 25 people with M.M. Smith, Jr. as President and CEO. Grady W. Hales is Manager of the Commercial Merchandise Division.
Commercial Merchandise Division offers general commodities, storage, and distribution division of M.M. Smith Storage Warehouse, Inc., logistic services of warehousing, distribution, just in time delivery, TOFC- piggyback, and more. It has extensive experience shipping all over the world and it take adequate measure to ensure the products are safe and secure.