Midnite Express Inc.

By: Bubbajunk.com

Founded in 1918, the company has built its reputation on adhering to its mission statement of doing what they promise; no mean feat when it provides improved coverage and service that is a cut above the rest of the carriers throughout 13 states on a direct basis. Apart from these enhanced factors, Midwest Motor Express, Inc. has established strategic alliances with strong partner carriers throughout the balance of the United States and Canada.
There are many advantages to this transport agency, of which the foremost is with reference to its Regional Capabilities; Midwest Motor Express, Inc. provides one and two day service on short haul lanes as well as Long Haul Capabilities wherein it provides to its customers, three and four day service, covering the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest.
Additionally, there is also provision for Direct Coverage which is supported by a wide network of 30 service centers spanning 14 states. This permits Midwest Motor express to extend services to over 5,800 cities and towns, making it the one of the premier carriers within the direct coverage area.
 Well planned alliances with similar carriers gives Midwest the ability to give superior services to and from the entire US, Canada and Puerto Rico and its service centers load,  directionally limiting the number of times shipments are handled. This reduces the possibility of claims exposures too.
 The several years of experience that the company has under its belt, means that customers can bank upon them to continually improve, which they do as they credit their employees to being their greatest asset. The employees number over 450 and each contributes to the assurance of customer needs which are recognized and dealt with as unique; this is what makes them special as compared to the rest of the trucking companies.
For the sake of its highly regarded associates, the company recognizes and encourages individual contributions of its staff and provides on-going investment in their education, training and tools; these in turn serve to maximize their individual missions and do away with chances of errors. With innovation and dedication to a committed purpose, the company strives to provide superior transportation services, employee development and is well on its way to becoming an industry leader.