MSS Transport Inc.


Paul Mai who started his trade as a young man in post-war Schweinfurt, Germany founded MSS Transport, Inc. Forging on to new frontiers and unable to speak English, Paul Mai moved to the United States in 1958, where he worked on various job sites around central Kansas.
Paul settled in Salina in 1962, where he opened a one-man, 2,400 square foot welding shop in the South Industrial Area. The limited resources available with him, he started with small repair jobs. His first contract was the Roosevelt-Lincoln Middle School Gymnasium, followed by the Observation Towers at the Bombing Range.
Paul's ideas have had consistent growth in facilities, equipment, capabilities, management, employees and technology through the years. MSS Transport, Inc. began November 02, 1978 to deliver fabricated steel to various jobsites around the United States.
MSS Transport is a family-owned business. The Mai family owns and successfully operates PKM Steel Service, Inc., a nationally recognized steel fabricator known in the industry for its ability to handle unusual and complex jobs; Salina Steel Supply, Inc., a full-range steel warehouse service center focused on Kansas customers; Maico Industries Inc. an Ellsworth, Kansas based fabrication facility; MaiSky Systems, Inc., the technology leader in free span construction using modern space frame technology; and A Plus Galvanizing, Inc., home of the worldÂâ€Ã¢„¢s biggest leading free zinc kettle.
MSS has grown to become a right hand in the partnership of Paul Mai's ideas and goals. MSS is a common carrier, contract carrier and licensed broker coordinating shipments to meet their customerÂâ€Ã¢„¢s goals and satisfaction.
The highest percent of MSSÂâ€Ã¢„¢s customers are general contractors or companies who specialize in building steel structures after purchasing raw steel directly from suppliers, fabricated by PKM or Maico; it is delivered directly to the job site for erection. MSS serves out the remaining percent of customers by hauling their goods from point to point that best serve MSS's needs in returning their trucks back to a reloading point at PKM Steel or Maico Industries.
MSS Transport, Inc. choose to do their maximum of their abilities to not only be a credit to company operations, but also gain for themselves the true sense of well being and satisfaction which comes from the knowledge of a job well done.