Rangen Transportation Inc.

By: Bubbajunk.com

Rangen Inc started in 1925 is an animal feed manufacturer, a bean and wheat dealer, and a Logistics Company. Through this unique combination of divisions, Rangen offers a financially secure way of utilizing company's experience to move product throughout the continental United States.
Rangen Logistics provides service to all the 48 states in US and also in Canada, and can move products via dedicated owner operators or selected core outside carrier. Rangen Logistics has introduced a state of the art Internet tracking system which enables Rangen Logistics to achieve a 98% on time delivery to its current customers.
Rangen Logistics has on staff five of the nations top transportation specialist and can provide a higher level of customer service to its customers. Rangen are using some kind of loading structure which reduces the occurrence of claims upon delivery of refridgerated produce loads. Traffic Managers and Dispatchers pay attention about loading, in transit and off loading. Truck drivers has provided facilities like as standard solo rate, standard team rate, pick and drop pay, holiday, local work, sick pay, personal time off, layover pay, paydays, bonus-mileage, fuel, safety, changes in payment schedule, bonuses and all terms of agreement.
Rangen has combined management experience of more than one hundred years in the transportation industry and has given Rangen Transportation a broad range of professional trucking knowledge. Rangen offer a high level of service and versatility with the use of both trucking division and transportation brokerage division. Providing customers with the ability to access both divisions vast trasportation network enables to design and deliver a custom logistic solution that suits individual company needs.
Rangen Transportation has the ability to match products with a carrier no matter what form. Rangen has more than 900 carrier base which includes dry vans, flats, container trailers, dry bulk trailers, Rangen can handle all shipping needs, and Rangen can even handle rail needs too. Rangen also has a new program that has spread like wild fire, in-house brokerage program which is currently in place.