SCASCO energy group comprises of Capitol, Lindstedt, and Seymour Energy companies.   The SCASCO Energy Group began it operation in 1915. SCASCO is a leading full service retail distributor of heating oil, propane and motor fuels in Connecticut. SCASCO and its group of companies serve customers in the counties of Hartford, Litchfield, New Haven, and Fairfield. The prompt and reliable delivery of heating oil, propane, diesel fuel and gasoline is guaranteed to suit supply needs. SCASCO also installs and services furnaces, boilers, central air conditioning, water heaters, oil tanks, indoor air quality products, and propane equipment with licensed technicians.
SCASCO are located in three countries; SCASCO Energy, Lindstedt Energy, Seymour Energy. SCASCO Energy delivers the products which contains fuel oil, k1 clear, 87/89/93 oct, Diesel off Road use and Diesel on Road.
Fuel oil is also known as Home heating oil. This product is used by oil fired heating systems in both forced air and boiler heating systems.  In k1 contains Kerosene which is used for home heating and in portable heaters. SCASCO Energy delivers a very high quality gasoline from 87 to 93 octane. Diesel fuel is also available as two different products. DFHS (Diesel Fuel High Sulfur) is used in vehicles that do not travel on state or federal roads and highways. The product contains a dye to distinguish the product from DFLS. The other diesel product is DFLS (Diesel Fuel Low Sulfur) and vehicles traveling on state and federal roads and highways use this product. SCASCO add additives to this fuel during the entire year to experience better engine performance. Heating Oil Delivery have two options; one of is Automatic and another is Will call delivery.
Heating oil delivery has payment options for 30 days credit with credits cards or budget program or by using EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). SCASCO Energy provides various types of service and installation. All fuel products are available to customers using the automatic delivery program.
With a reputation for unmatched service and premium quality products, SCASCO is unsurpassed in its commitment to total customer satisfaction. SCASCO is the heating oil and motor fuels professionals.